The joy of well-being : a practical guide to a happy, healthy, and long life
The joy of well-being : a practical guide to a happy, healthy, and long life
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"In this empowering and accessible collection of health and wellness advice, the co-founders of mindbodygreen challenge our definition of wellness, health, and self-improvement by revealing what a healthy lifestyle looks like at the fundamental level--and it's not what we think. What does a healthy lifestyle actually look like on the most fundamental level? Across the board, there's so much pressure to pick a health identity to define us. But that's not the reality of how health works. There is no "one size fits all" solution to being healthy, and there are countless studies that support this point of view when it comes to what you eat, your mental health, and how you choose to live. The only universal principle is that you have got to be happy: happy with the choices you are making, happy with the life you are living, and those choices need to work with your body to promote your somatic needs for happiness. Happiness and Healthiness go hand in hand, and who couldn't use a little more of both these days? In The Joy of Well-Being, co-founders of mindbodygreen, one of the largest wellness lifestyle websites, Colleen and Jason Wachob help us tap into the health we already have and guide us through making intentional choices about the life we live today. We're encouraged to make health choices that are right for us as we learn to embrace intentionalism--a way of seeing our health that informs what wellbeing means to us in what we eat, how we sleep, how we breathe, how we take care of our mental health, and every other dimension of our lives"-- Provided by publisher.
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